ACID - Live in Belgium `84 CD 2010, 1800 copies
ACID - Live in Belgium `84 CD "Die hard" edition 2010, 150 copies (incl. poster + sticker), ....see image below

ACID CD with all the parts   ACID special edition CD with all the parts  

Kate and Anvill After the LP and Pic LP were sold out so fast, I put the CD out with the help of my friends from "Iron Shield Records". I received the CD just 2 days before KEEP IT TRUE XIII festival in April 2010.This was unforgettable, as singer Kate, drummer Anvill and guitar player T-Bone themselves appeared at the festival to promote the CD and Kate entered the stage, first time after 25 years, to sing "Max Overload"!! I guess this was historic!! I attach some pictures from this festival.
This CD contains now 2 songs more than the LP version, as they did not fit on the LP and we did not have the money to do a double LP or LP + EP release. There is still the song "Black car" missing from this show, ....but this one has a big cut in the middle of the song, the recording tape had to be turned in the middle of recording! I did not want to include a song with such a big cut on the CD.
The special "Die hard" edition of this CD is a hand numbered 150 copies issue. It contains a big poster and 3 stickers. 2 stickers are numbered, one on the CD and one as seal on the outer bag, and the third sticker is unnumbered and free for further use.

To check their sound, and band biography see:
Kate at my stand