ACID .......(ALL SOLD OUT!!!)

Live in Belgium 84 LP 2009
500 copies (200 black vinyl, 300 green vinyl), gatefold, 2 page printed inner sleeve, poster
500 copies Picture LP with gatefold cover, insert and poster

ACID LP with all the parts   ACID LP with the poster  

ACID from Belgium was one of the most important 80s Metal bands with an unique and destinct style. The most destinct part of ACID was the incredible voice of Katrin de Lombaert (called Kate), who can be realized out of hundreds of other female singers. They never sold millions of albums, or were recognized by the mainstream, but the real die hard Metal fans loved them, and admired them even many years after their split in the mid 80s.
The band made 3 full albums and one Mini LP, which are till today some of the biggest Metal classics of the 80s. It was an incredible honour for me to join my friend Mike from "Maniacal Records", who got the permisson from Kate to release this live album. The tape of this live show circulated a long time in the underground, and as the quality is really good, we hope it will thrill a lot of the old fans.
Many years ago I bought the collection of the old ACID manager Filthy Eddy, so I could provide Mike with a lot of cool old photos, from which our friend Jim Hunter used plenty for the layout. I think the result is really a nice piece of collectible Heavy Metal.
We made 200 copies of black vinyl and 300 in green vinyl. Later 2009 we made 500 more copies as Picture LPs (with same gatefold cover, poster and insert.
I hope also to get the permission to do a CD edition (would be then my first CD release with "Femetal Records".
To check their sound and biography see: